Sun Hats for Water Sports

Summer sunshine sometimes will damage our mood when we having fun in the water sports. The blinding rays will distract your attention. Therefore, you need a sun hat to protect you from the hot sun and its harsh rays when you are surfing or in other water sports. Because you need to focus on the oncoming waves and hold balance in the water. To protect your eyesight and your scalp from the burning sun, you’d better wear a sun hat.

I believe that almost everyone likes to go to the seaside, swimming pools or other places near the water. Summertime is the best season for surfing and other water sports. While the bright sunshine can be a distraction and it will be a threat to your health. Fortunately, there are many ways for sun protection, such as wearing sunscreen, the right suit and a sun hat to keep off the stinging and blinding sun’s rays.

Sunglasses may be a nuisance and it would possibly cause accident when we are surfing. Wearing a sun hat is the safer and ideal choice. There are some surfing bucket hats for men which are specifically made for this water sport. Moreover, they are often made of waterproof materials that can withstand water and the rain. These hats are safe and good that can protect your scalp and face from the hot sun and its harmful UV rays. Some of bucket hats for surfing have water repelling qualities so that it can be used for a long time.

Find the idea sun hat for your surfing and other varieties of water sports. If you are a year-rounder type of surfer, you should take the weather into consideration when you choose a sun hat.   

Here are we have found some nice sun hats for surfing and other water sports to help you to choose your favorite one.

The surf bucket hat will perfectly block the glare of the sun and it also has wide brim that can protect your face, ears and neck.

It can cover up your dome and keep the blast sun rays penetrating your hair. It comes with an adjustable chin strap that ensures the hat stay in your head. This black surf hat is very comfortable for you to wear.

This surf bucket hat is designed for surfing and some other water sports. It features with the quick-dry material which means it will dry fast even it gets wet. There are mesh holes for ventilation that to keep your head cool and dry.

It is made of 100% polyester which is lightweight and durable. And it can be crushable and packable for which you can fold it and pack into your pocket when you are not wearing it.

This grey camo bucket hat offers better sun protection that gives a full coverage for long hours in the hot sun. It is made of soft and durable nylon with UPF 50+. The hat can not only protect your from the sun but it is also water-repellent.

The 360-degree-brim blocks the glare of the sun and the hat’s headband wicks moisture from your head.