Golf Bucket Hats for Men

Some of you may like to play golf because it is an elegant sport that needs to wear special outfits. For example, you need to wear clothes, shoes, socks and even hats when playing golf especially in the sun. The sun is really hot and you will spend a long time in playing golf. Thus you need to do a good protection for yourself no matter you are a professional golfer or not.

Bucket hats have been popular for several years and they are favored by many hipsters, backpackers, hikers, fishermen and golfers. The bucket hat is a versatile hat that works more effectively in shading and absorbing sweat. That is why many golfers have chosen bucket hats as a highlight of their outfits. Following I would like to introduce several bucket hats for you to consider. You can refer to them and pick one that suits you when playing golf.

This hat is specially designed for golf and tennis battles. The bucket hat is lightweight but the brim seems fairly sturdy. Also, the moderate brim of the hat protects your face and eyes from the sun. It comes with an elastic drawcord at back for an adjustable fit. The hat is made of absorbent material which is easy to clean and dry quickly. The classic black bucket hat is good at absorbing sweat.  

Some of you don’t like monotonous colors like black and white. This camo bucket hat may satisfy your needs for a golf hat. It has a firm brim that offers you the better sun protection. The bucket hat features an adjustable drawstring that you can adjust it to fit your head. But what makes this bucket hat different from others is its top: the top has vents which allow the air pass through the fabric to make your head cool. You don’t have to worry about your hair will get wet and flat. This hat is comfortable to wear and it will keep you cool.

This hat is the perfect choice to protect you from the sun when playing golf. It comes with a UPF rating of 50+, which can block out 96% UV rays from your face. There are mesh panels that allowing the breeze come through the material to keep your head cool. The wide and sturdy brim can protect your face, ears and neck from the heat. It also has a chin cord with toggle that allows you to adjust the hat to fit your size.

Like other golf bucket hats, this hat is the perfect choice for men. It has a wide and firm brim that can provide the shade for your eyes when you look across golf course and aim for the hole. The hat is made from UPF 50+ fabric which is good for you to keep cool during the long time playing golf outside. The hat features mesh side panel and moisture-wicking sweatband that wick the moisture away from your head. It is soft and packable that you can easily fold it and place into your bag without deforming.

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