How to Wear a Hat with Suits?

Hats as the most common accessory are worn by lots of people. There are different types of hats, such as Panama hats, fedora hats, trilby, bucket hats and other hats. Most people wear a hat because they want to be protected and some people just regard a hat as their accessory that adds some stylish vibe to their outfits. For some fashionable men, they like to wear a hat with the formal suit. We may think a hat cannot match with the suit. On the contrary, a nice hat perfectly combines with suits. It will let the suit look less formal and add a sense of wisdom at the same time.  

You may think only a true sartorial savant can pull off this elusive combination of suit and hat. Indeed, while peripheral accessories like shoes and watches offer a wide range of acceptable options, and a hat or two usually adds sparkle to an outfit. The key is to know which men’s hat matches with which men’s suit, which is easier said than done.

If you are looking for the best hats that can match with your suit, following let’s take a look on how to wear a hat with suit.

No. 1 Panama Hats

Panama hats are light in both weight and color. The Panama hat is perfect for wearing in warm weather. Panama hats are originally from Ecuador and are usually woven from the leaves of a toquilla palm plant. Therefore, this type of hat has sturdy structure and good breathability. Panama hats are common worn in summer and spring. It also looks good pairing with suits. For example, this white Panama hat matches with a light-colored suit, which gives you casual and gentlemen’s feeling.   

No. 2 Newsboy Hats

Newsboy hats became popular among men and women fashion pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century. The hat features a curved brim, eight panels and a top button. As the newsboy’s hat is mostly made of wool, this hat is very suitable for wearing in winter, which is both warm and fashionable. There’s no need to go too fancy clothes with the hat. You can wear a light-colored suit and a dark woolen coat outside in winter. In addition, the color of the woolen coat can be the same as the color of the hat, of course, you can pick different colors, but it must not be too fancy.

No. 3 Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been popular for several years and they are still favored by many young people, both men and women. The bucket hat is considered as a casual item that some people often wear it in many activities. Most of us think the bucket hat only can be matched with our casual clothing. Actually, it also can be worn with suits due to its versatile and functional features. This blue bucket hat pairing with black suit is very harmony. The overall look is stylish and cool.

If you pursuit formal outfit but don’t want a rigid look, you can pair with a hat. Above all hats are suitable to your suits. You can choose one if you have no other choice.  

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